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Category: Genel

React Pokedex

A mini-encyclopedia of Pokémon stats, types and moves.

The following technologies were used for this sample application:


npm install
npm start

To view the end result visit DEMO

Authentication with React and Node.js (Express) JWT

This is an simple application that serves an ExpressJS JWT to a React client application. Database not used in this app


cd server
npm install
node app.js

cd client
npm install
npm start

User name : admin

Password: password

React News Reader Site Example

This is a sample news site I used to get started with ReactJS. It shows how to simply use the hooks and redux and NewsApi.

To view the end result visit DEMO


Getting started

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

To get started simply run

npm install.

Once the installation process is done just runnpm start.

Data Gif Maker Released By Google News Lab

For details

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